Monday, February 28, 2011

new series premiere...dear husband

Dear Husband,

I would Very much like to own this satchel (don't you luurve the word satchel-very Kat Hepburn).

It is on sale right now (your favorite price point, right after free!, plus an additional percentage off if we buy it today which I can def arrange) and we have several lovely gifting occasions coming up, including but not limited to: the anniversary of you getting to marry me-lucky dog!, my birthday, your birthday, my excellent work review, our tax refund check coming in the mail, and it is a monday.


xoxo, your ever-loving wife

lovely armory satchel via the crew

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lay baby lay

This new-to-me mama blog, lay baby lay, is incredible. The blog is full of sweet baby inspiration boards, tutorials and little gems for the kiddos. And Joni is so, so talented. The nursery she created for her beautiful baby girl (see it here and here) is seriously the best I have ever seen. I love it. And I can't wait to dig through all of her archives. You should too.

images via lay baby lay. what an awesome blog title, too.

newlywed map

Jordan has the best ideas. I would love to have a gigantic map of the world with little colored pins dotting all of our adventures. Pink for places I have been, lime green for him. Blue for the places we have traveled together, and yellow? orange? polka dot? for places we dream of visiting. How fun!

image and links via oh happy day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

february fourteenth

Happy Valentime's day to my sweet, kind, funny, hunky husband! Hooray for our first married lover's day! You are the sugar in my coffee, the icing on my cupcake, and the love of my life. Basically you are the best! Happy vday and happier 11 months + 1.

yours truly, forever and ever,
your wife


burro, burro much ecard via kate spade's bmine gallery.

did you know?

did you know that it has been almost a year (a year!) since i last posted? what on earth has been going on? oh, you know, just a little bit of getting married and settling into married people life. the usual. so i have decided enough is enough! time to get back on the wagon. will you join me?

one of my resolutions for two thousand and eleven is to re-discover my creative outlet. i am hoping writing will help me get back to it. let the journey (re)begin!