Tuesday, May 19, 2009

black on white

I don't really need any more tshirts, per se, but that doesn't stop me from wanting all of these. I live for the perfect white tshirt. It matches literally everything. And something about the graphic pop of black on white in each of these makes them that.much.better. Which is your favorite?

Girls in Glasses TShirt, $35

Love Me Tee, $94.50

Lovely Eyelashes Tee, $100 (Currently Out of Stock)

Lanvin Leggy Tee, E$310

Rivers Cuomo Glasses TShirt, Not for Sale :(

Young Love Tee, $29.50

And one white on black.

Love Karl Tee, $150


Eddie said...

I love the eyelashes tee! It reminds me of Holly Golightly's sleeping mask!

Just found your lovely blog!

isabelle said...

hey, where you found the t-shirt of weezer? I really want to know. can you answer me? thank you