Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sorry for the silence

Sorry for being so silent lately. My grandmother has been having extreme health issues and family has been my number one priority for the last week. I promise to return to regular posting soon. If you are the praying type, please pray for my grandmother, Carol, and her recovery from open heart surgery among other health issues. Also that my family can feel at peace about the situation, as it is in God's hands. Thanks so much.


In the meantime, here is a catchy tune to brighten your Tuesday. It has been seriously stuck in my head for weeks.

Spit on a Stranger, Nickel Creek

P.S. I particularly love this Nickel Creek version, but the original version by the 90's band Pavement is pretty great too.

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Robin said...

Love Nickel Creek. Drove up to Boston to see one of their last concerts in Summer of '07, Fiona Apple was the guest and it was a great show. Wish they would tour again...

Many prayers en route to you and yours right now.