Tuesday, February 3, 2009

well rehearsed

What's a girl to wear to a March wedding-in-Cali rehearsal dinner?

1. Sweet floor length floral with a loose chignon and wedges. Very boho-chic.

2. Audrey-style vintage 1950's black and white goodness. So classic.

3. Lace skirt and silky top. Prim and pretty. (Bonus-this is 30% off with code "candy")

4. White vintage damask tunic. Is it proper to wear white if you are not the bride?

5. Sheer, paisley, pretty. I am not gonna lie, I will probably buy this anyway.

6. Wide leg pants + ruffles + my favorite shade of grey. Pretty stellar.

7. Paper bag waist skirt and layers. Love, love, love layers.

8. Yellow silk sheath. Gorgeous silhouette, but the bmaid dress is yellow. Might be too much.

What do you think? Help a sister out and leave your vote in the comments. Muchas Gracias!

P.S. If I was 12, I would totally wear this from JCrew CrewCuts:

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magpiesandmagnolias said...

FYI- I have two votes so far for #1 (from the bf and the bride). That might just be the way I go.