Friday, January 30, 2009

better late than never

So it took me forever to finally get around to posting these, but without further ado, here are my fave lovelies from the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards. I think I may be on a subconscious patriotic kick, because all of my faves wore red, white or blue.


Claire Danes. Have you seen Evening? She is stunning in that movie.

Diane Lane. One of C's alltime faves. She just gets better looking with age.

Amy Adams. Doubt forces you to seriously think about tradition in the church. It is seriously good.

Jennifer Morrison. I am seriously, seriously addicted to House. Good thing I have approx 52 epis saved in my DVR.

Kate Winslet. So, so gorgeous. This color of blue is absolutely amazing on her.

Angelina Jolie. For some reason, I am really into her lately. Must be the Brad Pitt thing.

Can't wait for the Oscars!
P.S. Click on the names of the women for picture credits.
P.P.S. Have a great, relaxing, love-filled weekend!


T-Bonz said...

1 - Diane Lane is my everything. I will never age that well.
2 - Angie is my major she-love behind Shane from the L Word. But this dress? what goes on here?

and kate winslet is perfection.

we will talk oscars when the time comes.

cevd said...

i love the last three.