Friday, March 20, 2009

bless your tombstone heart

An awesome indie band, The Low Anthem, opened for Lisa Hannigan on Monday. They had a slow, kind of Bon Iver-ish vibe on most songs, with a few bass-slappin' Bob Dylan type tunes thrown in. Pretty dang good. I feel pretty lucky that we saw them now, while they are still relatively small time, because according to all the buzz, they are about to make it big. Good for them!

I bought their first album, What the Crow Brings, at the concert, but both of their albums and/or digital dls are available on their website. Seriously, check them out.

This God Damn House, The Low Anthem

P.S. The album art is hand silk-screened onto each recycled cardboard album cover. Love it.

P.P.S. Happy Friday and Happy 1st Day of Spring! Woo hoo!

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