Wednesday, March 18, 2009

notoriously late and definitively in love

So, although I am extremely tardy, I just wanted to report that I had a magnificent 4th Valentine's Day with C.

In the morning I was greeted with a lovely bouquet of miniature tulips and a breakfast in bed (swoon) of scrambled eggs and wheat toast (by request).

After breakfast he surprised me with a clue to our first destination. I opened an awesome Piet Modrian glass (a nod to our first date) that he had purchased for me at the MoMa store the week before. We were headed to the Nasher Sculpture Center for a morning of museum browsing. While shopping in the museum store, he surprised me with my second clue for our afternoon activity. It was a little pin with a hotdog bicycling on it (so cute!) I hadn't ridden a bike in 15ish years and he was going to teach me! (Note: The bf is an avid bike rider.)

After the Nasher we headed to one of our favorite little cafes, Breadwinners, and shared a late lunch. We spent a little over an hour just before dusk riding bikes, and amazingly I didn't hurt myself (despite my apparent attempts at taking out parked cars.) After bicycle riding (it was pretty chilly-notice the roaring fire in pictures below) we headed indoors to cook our Valentine meal.

Recipe time. I like to get my culinary juices flowing with a little bubbly. This time it was pink, in honor of the day.

I started by baking the lava cakes, figuring that although they did not take much time, they would still be enjoyable at room temp. (Note: We had to bake the cakes for twice as long as the recipe called for and even them, I had to work a little microwave magic to get them solid enough to eat with a fork.)

In the meantime, C sauted up the chicken for our bbq chicken pizza. The pizza dough had been rising all day and as soon as the cakes came out, the pie went in. (That's my man. Such a hottie.)

While the pizza baked, I reduced a little bit of basalmic vinegar on the stovetop. I had never done this before, and the aroma was quite pungent. Not C's favorite smell. We also threw together the salad and used the basalmic reduction as dressing and as a drizzle over the pizza. (Note: This makes the pizza a little soggy. I might use less next time.)

Sooo good. I am wishing for a slice of that pizza right now.

After dinner we curled up in front of the fire to watch Funny Face and enjoy our favorite part, dessert.

My plate before...

And after...

SUCH an amazing day and amazing way to spend time with the man I love. Nothing fancy, but very "us."

P.S. My Valentine's present to him was a handmade (by me!) framed reproduction of the famous hipster glossary/record cover For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk and a vintage skeleton key with a note reading "Key to my Heart." Because he has it, obvs.

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Anonymous said...

The museum was cool, biking was awesome, food was tasty, but the best part... the kisses. Thanks for an amazing night.