Thursday, April 30, 2009

hors de prix

Have you seen this movie? You should. I would do anything to look like a sophisticated, sexy French woman. Audrey Tatou is perfect in this role. Her wardrobe is a dream. And the plot is cheeky and sweet. Lovely and Priceless.

I could live in this hotel. With the sights and the soundtrack and the tans and the french rolling off the tongue, the movie paints such a romantic picture of the South of France, with just a little bit of quirkiness thrown in.

Oh this hair and makeup. I am stealing this look, seriously. I would also love to raid her wardrobe. All her clothes fit her skinny little frame like a dream. Maybe there is something to that whole French Women phenomenon. At any rate, rent this one ASAP.

All movie stills from the internets.

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