Wednesday, June 10, 2009

lucky girl

I am such a lucky girl! I won a lovely little treat from the wonderful Bertie at casando ideias. It is a gorgeous rose head piece/headband from Twigs & Honey. Jealous? I would be! Isn't she lovely? I also received the latest copy of UK Brides magazine which would have cost a small fortune here in the States. Oh, how I love a good bridal magazine (I always have! Don't get too excited)!

Thanks so much Bertie! I love it!

P.S. I apologize for the outfit-I had just gotten off of work, and was super excited about the package!


Eddie said...

love! I bought the flower hair piece for my wedding day from Twigs & Honey! Congrats!

mademoiselleglitter said...

this is such a cute headband! gotta love everything with a huge flower on it!! also, bridal magazines? love 'em too, even if i'm not engaged right now. :)

amber {daisy chain} said...

If you ask me, there's nothing like a flower-in-your-hair to brighten a day! Lovely!