Tuesday, December 2, 2008


New Gossip Girl ep on last night. Of course I didn't get around to watching it in my cold medicine coma. Will have to do so tonight. Maybe my TV twin over at TV is My Boyfriend posted about. I will have to check on that. (P.S. She did. Thanks!)

Anyway, just thought I would mention that it is so.not.cool. if this is true. Vanessa and Chuck? Really? I just can't understand the attraction of Jessica Szohr. Maybe it is because her character is so annoying and off-putting. It probably has nothing to do with her in reality. At any rate, I also don't understand why I can never be at the airport when famous people are around. I mean, come on! Everyone knows Chace Crawford is from Dallas and went to high school approx 10 min from me. Couldn't I get at least one GG sighting? Sigh.

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T-Bonz said...

OKAY - I have told NO ONE this because I HIGHLY doubt it is happening - i haven't even told my sis, BUT - I am going to a fundraiser tonight and Ed Westwick is supposed to be there. The reason I doubt this is because it is at the shittiest bar in Manhattan and is not a fancy event in the least. I mean, I care about autism and OT and I would like to think he does too... but... I don't know...it just seems doubtful.

THAT BEING SAID - if he will kiss that girl, I HAVE A CHANCE. And have no qualms about being slutty to make that happen. i will consider it a "sacrifice" for science, research, and my blog.

I may post on your blog later, drunk on vodka and chuck. Or drunk and sad because I got no Chuck.

T-Bonz said...


T-Bonz said...

So I almost drunk blogged you AGAIN last night: I met a boy at a bar last night and HE told ME that at this thing that he went to last week, he not only sat next to Chace Crawford - BUT THAT CHUCK AND VANESSA WERE 2 ROWS IN FRONT OF HIM. TOGETHER. LIKE ON A DATE.

aside from the fact that I think this guy was my dream date --fingers crossed that he calls and we can watch TV and loaf together--- it was yet ANOTHER account to support this atrocity.
(and ps - the word verification for me to post this comment is "flousy" PRICELESS)

T-Bonz said...

oh. I think it's spelled 'floozy' - but you get what I mean.