Tuesday, December 9, 2008

riddle me this

(Please ignore the heinously tragic quality of the cell phone pics of my tv. I know it is truly bad.)

A GG study in questions (some if which may be best left unanswered):

1. Is this really what Serena would consider an appropriate funeral outfit? I mean her stepfather died and all she could come up with to wear is half of a 90's prom dress? Come to think of it, this IS what Serena would wear to a funeral. My annoyance for her just keeps on growing.

2. Why do Little J's hair AND wardrobe people hate her so much? This "couture" clutch reminds me of those big plastic diaper pins that people attach to those clever baby shower cakes made out of Pampers.

3. Is this almost a man-kiss? Chuck can definitely smell Dan's aftershave here.

4. Isn't this the funniest looking face? Haha. I just had to include it. Also, does Chuck really think it is Dan's fault that Lily made it with Rufus? He sure does! Also also, would a boy from the UES really call his stepmother a "whore" in front of all those other rich people?

5. Did anyone else notice that Blair runs a little bow-legged? (Wow this picture is particularly crappy. It's not really my fault. It is an action shot.) Also, how many tears did you cry after Blair said "I love you" and Chuck just turned away? Sigh.

6. Could it be? Is Blair really warming up to Mr. Hall (from Clueless, duh)? I loved her tears in this scene. Very dramatic.

7. Isn't Dorota the world's cutest bridesmaid?
8. Is Chuck "Richest Kid in NY" Bass really a vampire? Ok, no. Real question: Why would Chuck have meet with the PI who was the last person to see his dad alive? Wouldn't he be a tragic reminder of his father's demise? Moreover, how come we didn't get to find out what the "accident" was? Also, wasn't Mr. PI Sherlock Holmes in Bart's limo with him right before Lily announced the accident?

9. Who told Rufus that this tight man turtleneck was attractive? Eww.

10. Don't you love it? Why do Blair and Chuck seem like the most grown up people on the show when they are supposed to be 17-18? Who cares, I love them.

Bonus Question: On a scale of 1-10, how psyched were you that you didn't have to see Vanessa at all in this ep? Oh an 11, you say? Me too.

All craptastic cell pics via me.

P.S. White Lightning did a hilariously good post on this too.


Cara said...

HAHA! You make me laugh!
Who knew you didn't like Serena though!

T-Bonz said...

the posts HAD to be long!!! Your bf is just jealous of the clearly personal relationship most women have developed with Chuck Bass - tell him to brood more and maybe you will feel the same way about him.

PS - the non-vanessa visibility score is like a 100 on the scale of 1 - 10. you know how I feel about her. woof.