Thursday, October 2, 2008

denim done wrong

I hate it when a perfectly good thing gets ruined. Like when a restaurant adds onions to your meal when you ask for them to 86 them. Or when a really particularly good episode of Gossip Girl gets half eaten by the DVR. Or when a perfect 80 degree day passes by outside while I am at work. Or when a store originally known for its denim and basics makes jeans like these:

Really? Stirrup jeans? Really? Really!? I truly never thought they would bring this heinous style back. I mean I rocked stirrup pants from 1986-1992 like a true child of the 80's, but in 2008? I am just not convinced. ESPECIALLY with pumps. For real? Maybe tucked into boots they could be slightly more acceptable. But really, it's the principal of the thing.

I am really not even sure if I have a comment for this. Those are not capris and not full length jeans. This style cuts you off right at the ankle, which is not, I repeat, not flattering on anyone. I mean it isn't even flattering on this model's size 00 frame. These pants are just eww. And with sneakers? Again, this is bad styling.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Gap. I have worked for Gap, Inc. companies at various times in my life and have always loved the job. But the pants? The pants have to go.

If you must, Stirrup Jeans and Straight Ankle Jeans from

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Robin said...

I guarantee that Katie Holmes will try to rock that first pair the way she tried to rock an old pair of Tom's faded, too-big jeans, rolled at the cuff. It will not be pretty.