Monday, October 6, 2008

fantasy monday

For this week's installment of Fantasy Monday, I am changing it up a little bit. This week I am going to wish for something that money can't buy (at least I don't think).

I would love love to meet Keri Russell. I mean, come on, how cute is she? Plus she is a mom with a cause (what? You haven't seen/heard her commercials about infant whopping cough?), she always looks so very put together at awards shows, she has the most amazing hair and wardrobe, and she and her son are just too too adorable. Plus plus she lives in Brooklyn. So she really has that going for her too. I have lurved all of her most recent movies-Waitress and August Rush are definite favorites. I think I am going to rent all the old Felicity DVD's to refresh my original love for her. I loved that show. Didn't you?

I think we could totally be bff's.

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Cara said...

Love her too! :)