Thursday, October 9, 2008

fallen in love with fall and winter

Remember when you were little and you just COULD NOT wait until summer break? Well for some reason, as I have gotten older, that is how I am feeling about fall and winter. The anticipation of fall has been just absolutely killing me the past couple of weeks. There is just something so so pretty about sunny, breezy fall days in Dallas. And the fashion. Oh the fashion! Even the bf has commented that he likes me in "winter clothes." There are just so many possiblities when you can go layer crazy. I loves loves loves it!

So, imagine how happy I got when Anthro delivered this beauty to my inbox. Love at first sight, I tell you! And their email reads: Brrr-race yourself. Baby its cold outside. Sigh.

Naturally I browsed and found too many lovely treasures to post. Here are some favorites:

Camera Club Capelet $438. I already purchased a cape for fall (ok, 2, but who is counting?) but this one sure is gorgeous.

Knotty Pine Cardigan $148. A work of art.

Cwmorthin Stone Necklace $278. Strange name, serious statement.

Creek and Cavern Sweater Coat $398. Yummy plush cable knit. To die.

Grand Mesa Boots $488. And no fall/winter outfit is complete without a pair of major boots. These are such a great neutral color that could be worn anywhere.

Labyrinth Rose Gloves $42. Classic little pink tea roses on cozy angora/wool gloves. Tres chic!

Ed Note: I fully realize that all of the above items are pricey. But it is a lust list and Anthro is pricey. Good news is, they have awesome sales pretty much year round. I love me that sale room!

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