Monday, September 22, 2008

fantasy monday

Hello lovelies! I hope you have emerged from the weekend refreshed and rejuvenated. The bf and I ended up skipping Oktoberfest in favor of an Amos Lee concert at the Granada Theater on Greenville. It was an amahzing show darlings! I truly truly heart Amos.

I have been having a serious case of wanderlust lately. Some friends of ours just jetted off to tour around Europe for awhile and how I wish I could have tagged along. My favorite kind of trip in the fall is a good oldfashioned road trip (with the bf driving of course!) I love the fresh air and the pretty colors you inevitably see along the way. (For the record, if you have never done a roadtrip in Arkansas in the fall, I highly recommend it. The changing of the leaves are just to die for.) So with that in mind, I present my fantasy Monday treasure:

A vintage 1957 VW Cabriolet. Can't you just picture a scenic drive with the wind whipping in your hair? Ahhhh. I don't know how much this beauty would cost, but I think cherry red roadtrip perfection=priceless.

Here's to the start of another work week!


Robin said...

I almost bought a used silver Bug convertible 20 years ago when shopping for my first car, but it needed so much work and I didn't have the funds. Oh, how I wish I had had the money, I know I would still have that car today. And there's nothing like the growl of an old Bug, the new ones are too quiet!

PS - love Amos Lee! I hope the concert was fun.

Raina said...

That is one sweet ride!