Wednesday, September 24, 2008

nie nie benefit sale at etsy

I am so excited about all of the blogging love going around for Nie Nie and her family. Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a private plane crash on August 16, 2008 and they are still on the long road to recovery.

Nie Nie's story is so touching and I am really impressed by the amount of love and compassion people are pouring out for Stephanie and Christian. I visited the etsy sight for the two day Nie Nie Benefit Sale on its first day yesterday, and of the 161 items Morgan at One More Moore posted, there were only 8 left 30 minutes into the sale at 12:30, CST. That is truly incredible!

Rumor has it that more items will be posted here today at 12 CST, and I know I will be there to support the Nielson's cause. The Nielson's and their children are certainly in my prayers.

If you want more information about Nie Nie and Christian's progress, visit C Jane.

Update: It is 12:15pm, CST and there are only 3 items left. This outpouring of desire to help is amazing! Also, Morgan has extended the Benefit Sale and will be posting more items on both Thursday and Friday at 12pm, CST.

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