Thursday, November 13, 2008

charley harper illustrations

Have you seen this iconic book, Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life? Or are you a lucky duck who actually owns a copy? If not, this bad boy (full of beautiful animal and botanical prints) will run you $125-$200 buckaroos on Amazon. What's that? You can't afford $200 so close to the holiday season, you say? Well neither can I sister. Good thing Old Navy has us covered.
That's right, a Charley Harper illustrated children's book. And $9.50 is much more palatable. I may or may not already have 2 copies in my shopping cart.
A beautiful coloring book for $6.50. Yup, I picked up one of these too.

And two of the three illustrated unisex baby tshirts. Sizes 0-5T for $12.50 each.
There is also a puzzle and memory game. It is all too beautiful. I would snap it up before it is all gone. I am purchasing for the babies in my life (and maybe one copy for me). It is just too much to resist! All available online at ON.

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