Friday, November 7, 2008

friday flowers

I am so glad it is Friday. This was a short work week for me, and yet, it still felt like a two cup of coffee morning. Sigh. My sister comes to town this afternoon so I am looking forward to a weekend full of shopping and manicures and frappuccinos and Tech football. Go Tech!

I have been in love with pretty things recently. For instance, where my bestie lives in upstate NY is actually a township. It is the most precious, quaint, gorgeous, New Englandy place ever. There is a main street with tiny shop fronts and trees full of twinkling Christmas lights that hang in a canopy over the street. There are small gazebos that hold dustings of snow in the winter. There are short bridges over the Eerie Canal that are perfect for brisk walks. There are one lane "highways" that lead you past ancient cemetaries and houses as old as time. On this trip I discovered a little farm off the side of one of the highways that had rolling hills dotted with black and gray and white sheep grazing near a red barn and a grain silo. The sheep looked like bales of hay from a far distance and grew increasingly soft as we neared them. I arrived in NY at the end of the changing of the leaves season. And yet, the colors were still a rich palate of golds and oranges and reds. A city girl appreciates these things.


Speaking of pretty, I have also recently taken to reading the blog Saipua. Saipua is a little shop front florist and soap maker in Brooklyn. The blog features some pretty, pretty flowers. Example:

Gorgeous. And while I am on my flower kick, I have been loving this silk flower necklace since Joanna posted a lovely lady wearing it during fashion week. This Lizzie Fortunato necklace is out of my price range, but I think if I set my crafty mind to work I could make it. It is definitely worth a try.

And with that, I will leave for a long lunch. I love Fridays. Have a wonderful weekend. Pictures from my trip to come when I have time to upload them. Arrivederci!

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T-Bonz said...

that necklace is dreamy... and definitely a kiler craft-ernoon rainy day project!