Monday, November 10, 2008

things to love today

Top 6 things I am loving today (some of which I have always loved and some of which are new):

6. Zooey Deschanel. I know I just posted on her last week, but she is too darling. The beginning of November marks the time of year when it is perfectly acceptable to watch Elf 50 times in the span of two months. I like to rewind the part where she is singing Baby It's Cold Outside in the shower. One, because her voice rocks, and two, because I still think it is hilarious to see Will Ferrell run into the stall doors. I think I will start tonight. Adore this picture above, via Coco + Kelley. (P.S. My new blog friend Mooney loves her too.)

5. Gray outerwear. I love, love the shades of gray that many coats are taking this year. This swingy, sweater cape coat from Topshop is featured on the last page of the December issue of Lucky mag. It would be featured in my closet too if I had $510 (!) to spend on a new coat this winter.

4. Birdcage veils. Just too, too pretty. 100% vintage glam and 101% chic. Kate Bosworth can certainly pull it off as evidenced in the October issue of Elle Italy. And seriously, how pretty is the slate gray and pinky fleshtone color combo?

3. Beautiful shoes as home decor via This is Glamorous. Glamorous indeed! I wonder if my roomie would be willing to let me do this?

2. Ballerinas and all the accoutrements. The knit leggings, the tulle skirt, the darling wrap cardi. As a little girl I always wanted to be a graceful ballerina. Too bad I am about as clumsy as an ox. But, a girl can dream! Ballet beauty via This is Glamorous.

1. Gossip Girl. This is an addiction. (And her epic ruffles above, via Oh Happy Day). New ep tonight! Per the previews, poor poopie pants, Little J, has a heart wrenching cryfest. It is about time she was punished for her bratty behavior. I can't stand her. I can't wait! (p.s. I totally did not mean to have so many alliterations in this paragraph. It just worked out that way.)

Bonus. I can't leave out my boys. Texas Tech 10-0!! (Ranked #2 by BCS and AP) Wreck 'Em Tech! LOVE love love it!

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Damn right he does.