Tuesday, November 18, 2008

influence, olsen style

Please let me preface this post with an apology about the quality of the cell phone pictures below. I have approximately 250 pictures on my camera and an almost maxed-out hard drive on my Mac, so any pictures taken with the digital are not currently being dl to the computer. So, we are left with cell phone pics. The pictures in the actual book are much more vivid. (Ed. Note: Despite what the shady cell pics might imply, I did purchase this book.) And that concludes the preface. Moving on...

I love this book. The interviews are interesting. The pictures are pretty and fashiony. The quotes are very quotable and easy to live by. And I kind of want to be an Olsen twin. I saw an interview they did with Oprah about how "normal" they are and how they think they are just like everyone else. Ummmm, no. Don't pretend that being friends with Karl Lagerfeld is normal. Because it is not. But I still love them. They are so tiny and hip and pouty and cool. If we met, we would be instant bff's. I am sure of it.

Anyway, without further ado, I recommend Influence. Because if Oprah loves it, I love it. (Just kidding babe!)

Ashley Olsen. "You have to find your own angle." -Peter Lindbergh

Mary Kate Olsen. "Chic is when a woman is in harmony with herself." -Giambattista Valli

Buy it. It is worth the $25 bucks.

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Maria Rose said...

Cool, I may have to check that out.