Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm back!

Did you miss me? I have a ton of pictures to upload from my trip. Let me say, I love that little buddy, Aidan. He is such a peach!

Pics and stories to come tonight or tomorrow. Pinky promise.

To keep you satiated, I will leave you with this. Enjoy!


Todd said...

I missed you! How's Cara? I can't believe she's a mom already. My roommate, by the way, is madly in love with the girl in your video.

Mooney said...

Ahh, blog strangers meant to be friends. One post, three things in common, besides love for the Format. (I actually helped record Sam and Nate's first EP).

Magnolias and the South: Served a mission in Mississippi whose state flower is the magnolia blossom. Also my favorite P.T. Anderson film.

She & Him: Zooey is my first love actually. I was an "All the Stars are Pretty Babies" fan too.

New England: Ahhh, home.